Ultra Slim Aluminium French Doors

Ultra Slim Aluminium French Doors

Slim-frame aluminium French doors are designed to illuminate your interior with external light. Despite their slimness, these aluminium doors offer warmth in the winter with double-glazed and triple-glazed options available. On top of their high practicality, our slimline exterior aluminium French doors are also the height of stylishness.

Our Range of Slim Frame Doors

Like our bifold sliding doors, our slimline aluminium patio doors come in various sizes. Starting small, these doors go up to a maximum size of 2500 mm in height and 2400 mm, meaning you can have French doors with side panels. If you’ve got limited space, these slimline doors add a lot of character and style to your exterior.

Not only have we made this slimline door option available for your back door, but we can also fit these doors internally.

Besides the range of slim aluminium doors that we offer, we also have a wide selection of other door types that can rejuvenate your home decor. This includes our bifold sliding door system and our tilt-and-turn aluminium French doors. If you are looking for ultra-slim sliding doors, our aluminium sliding doors are a great option.

Uses of These Doors

The truly slim sight line not only permits as much external light indoors as possible but also creates a clear image of your outdoor landscaping.

These slimline aluminium doors also provide maximum thermal efficiency. You can choose between double and triple glazing, each of which can help reduce your heating costs in the winter.

Again, despite the size of these French aluminium doors, they can also provide maximum weather resistance.

Why are Thin Frame Doors Popular With Homeowners? 

The slimline aluminium door is popular amongst homeowners because it adds a minimal touch to interior design, while also providing warmth, sunlight, and security.

Each door comes with multi-point locking systems, which ensures the back of your home is as secure as the front. This is a police-preferred specification.

Despite the delicacy of these aluminium bifold doors, they’re highly durable and suitable for any home situation – whether you have kids running around or not. Although thin, they are created using tough glass.

What Colours of Slimline Aluminium Doors are on Offer?

As with all our doors, our efficient service and installation team can paint your slimline aluminium door whichever colour best matches the aesthetic of your home. The main colours that we do for aluminium French door types include anthracite grey, green, black, and white.

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