Aluminium Lift And Slide Patio Doors

Aluminium Lift and Slide Patio Doors

A lift and slide door uses advanced hardware with a slide mechanism to allow its panels to lift off the track: turning the handle disengages the locking mechanism, lifts the door and lets it slide open. These doors avoid the issues associated with standard sliding doors, negating the risk of the roller bearings wearing out, similar to tilt and slide patio doors.

Our Range of Aluminium Lift and Slide Doors

Our sliding patio doors come in a range that includes double or triple-track sliding door options and varying threshold choices. Lower threshold options may be more suitable for young children or people with mobility issues.

You can also opt for laminated or obscure glass on your patio door. Laminated glass offers better noise reduction, whereas obscure glass offers varying levels of obscurity.

Finally, you can choose between double or triple glazing, no matter if you have 3-panel or 4-panel sliding doors. The latter offers greater insulation for your door. However, double glazing may be sufficient for you. It still offers great insulation on its own.

Uses of Aluminium Lift and Patio Doors

Our smart aluminium sliding patio doors are great for either residential or office buildings and are a brilliant accompaniment to any modern and secure building. All our doors are made to suit our client’s needs are made as such.

Why are Aluminium Lift and Slide Doors Popular With Homeowners? 

Aluminium doors from UK Aluminium Bifold Doors are popular with homeowners because they’re high-quality and more secure than traditional sliding doors. Aluminium is an excellent material and is superior to uPVC and other types of doors.

These excellent lift and slide patio doors are secured with a multi-point locking mechanism, providing additional security for your home. Being made out of 90% glass, they also look pretty stunning and offer a great view of your patio.

In addition, our aluminium doors have been weather-tested and are made to resist wind and water while allowing natural light into your home.

We’re also proud to say that all of our aluminium sliding door types offer thermal efficiency and have a thermal break to protect against heat loss, ensuring that your home doesn’t lose its heating or cooling. They also boast much better soundproofing than other doors.

What Colours of Aluminium Lift and Slide Patio Doors are on Offer?

Our aluminium sliding patio doors come in black, anthracite grey, and white. Contact us if you’d like to request a different colour option.

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