Traditional Roof Lanterns

Traditional Roof Lanterns

A traditional roof lantern is an innovative way to add a wow factor to your home. A slight deviation from the traditional roof lights that allow you to have more natural light in your home. You can get them in standard sizes for a little upgrade, much like all of our aluminium roof lantern styles, or in larger sizes to get that “wow” factor!

It’s also a way to bring more light into the darker, and maybe drearier, parts of your home. Rather than adding more lights, add a traditional roof lantern and open your home up with natural light while also adding to its value.

Our Range of Aluminium Roof Lanterns

Our roof lanterns are over 65% more thermally efficient than other aluminium roof systems. Each one of our roof lanterns is manufactured with an element separating the inner and outer aluminium layers, keeping heat transfer low.

Our high-quality roof lanterns have thermal break technology featuring polyamide nylon and glass composite thermal breaks that are over 500 times more thermally efficient than aluminium on their own. It keeps your home cool during the summer and warm during the winter while still being an architect’s dream.

What Kind of Homes are These Roof Lanterns Good For?

If you’re trying to bring light into an older home or a more traditional manor house, this is the best roof lantern for you!

A traditional roof lantern will fit in with the architectural structure and design of the house because it’s modelled after those eras, but it’s been updated to have the thermal performance of modern-day lanterns, such as a frameless roof lantern.

Take advantage of your roof space with a custom-made roof lantern that captures the essence and style of your home.

Why are Roof Lanterns Popular With Homeowners?

Traditional roof lanterns are perfect for people who have older or historic homes and want to add a touch of class or elegance. They’re a throwback to the Middle Ages and Victorian eras of orangeries and conservatories while having all the efficiency of the 21st century.

As a bonus, these are made from aluminium and not timber like the older traditional roof lanterns.

If you have a bigger area that you’re trying to cover with a roof lantern, our triple-glazed roof lantern might be just what you’re looking for.

What Colours are Available?

UK Aluminium Bifold Doors‘ traditional roof lanterns come with a hard-wearing powder-coated aluminium finish on the exterior frame and the option of white or grey for the interior frame. You can also pick any RAL colours when looking at the colour options of our contemporary roof lanterns.

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