Black Aluminium Windows

Black Aluminium Windows

These days we are spoiled for choice when it comes to our window frames, as we can choose nearly any colour you can imagine, so it might be difficult to make up your mind at first.

Thankfully, at UK Aluminium Bifold Doors, we’ll be discussing the benefits of each colour, so you can figure out which will be best for you.

In this piece, we’ll be focusing on black, but you can also check out the rest of our aluminium window colours, like our grey aluminium windows. While you’re there, you can also check out our aluminium doors!

Our Range Of Aluminium Window Styles

While black aluminium window frames aren’t all that common for residential properties, most people opt for white aluminium window frames and have done for a while. Black aluminium frames can, however, provide your home with great contrast and frame your views well.

Our slimline aluminium windows come in three different styles and two different surfaces so that you can choose aluminium windows that suit you and your home perfectly.


  • Aluminium Casement Windows

  • Aluminium Heritage Windows

  • Aluminium Flush Casement Window


  • Powder Coated Aluminium Windows

What Kind Of Homes Are These Windows Good For?

Black window frames are normally best suited to more modern homes, as they are quite sleek and shiny, so they can add some extra character to a chic, modern home.

Unfortunately, a black aluminium frame wouldn’t fit in as well on more traditional properties, much like anthracite grey aluminium windows. It may provide too much of a contrast with the rest of the styles and colours that your home already features.

When you are deciding on styles, you should bear in mind that our black aluminium casement windows will give your home the most modern look.

Why Are These Windows Popular With Homeowners?

Our bespoke aluminium windows have become very popular with homeowners trying to achieve a more modern look, as an almost shiny black aluminium window frame contrasts very nicely with some darker paint colours.

Black window frames will also help you stand out from the sea of white window frames that are likely littered around your neighbourhood as well.

What Styles Of Aluminium Windows Are Available?

While you are able to customise the colour of your window frames, you are also able to customise the type of glass you want to use in your new aluminium windows. Some of the options available to you include:

  • Double glazing

  • Triple glazing

  • Standard glass

Black Windows & Interior Design: What Does It Say About You?

Going with black aluminium window frames shows that you aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd and experiment with some colours that aren’t all that common.

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