Aluminium Casement Windows

Aluminium Casement Windows

Aluminium casement windows are amazing. They feature different types of openers to suit your home, and you can choose from a number of styles and colours.

Choosing the right aluminium window type is essential as it affects the overall aesthetic – and all our windows are perfect for any home. They just might be the missing piece to make your house a home. This is our spectacular range of aluminium casement windows:

Our Range of Aluminium Casement Windows 

The full range of our windows is made of aluminium. They are strong but lightweight and resistant to corrosion due to their protective oxide coating. An aluminium casement window can last for years and years.

Thermal efficiency is a top priority for our flush casement windows, and so is weather-proofing. Our windows are made of outstanding quality materials. Our aluminium casement windows are also very secure. This is thanks to the multi-point locking mechanism and the internal key locking handles.

The windows can be designed in any way you’d like; side hung, top hung, fixed frames, tilt and turn windows, and sashes. You are sure to invest in a window with flawless operation and one that is secure, energy efficient, and easy to maintain. You can also choose from various glazing options.

We also have aluminium flush casement windows, and our doors can make a perfect match for your window.

Uses of Aluminium Casement Windows 

Since a casement window can open outwards, it can be placed on a higher part of the wall and is often used for better ventilation. Since they offer ventilation, they are often used in bathrooms or kitchens, likewise with aluminium vertical sliding windows.

Aluminium casement windows can offer people complete peace of mind. They are secure, durable, and offer enough ventilation due to their trickle vents and amazing build. They also have a contemporary and sleek aesthetic style that makes them work for all building types and homes.

Why are Aluminium Windows Popular With Homeowners? 

These aluminium windows offer homeowners the ultimate value. They open up the room and bring in a lot of natural light. They look fantastic and come in various styles, colours, and multiple configurations. Their ultra-slim sightlines also make them perfect for any home and any room.

The windows are popular due to how energy efficient they are, their security, and their durability and longevity. Our windows are corrosion-resistant and weather-proof. This means that they are immune to the harmful effects of harsh UV rays.

Everybody loves aluminium windows from UK Aluminium Bifold Doors. They are easy to use and look stunning.

What Colours of Windows are on Offer?

Our windows come in several different colours. There are also special colours like satin chrome and other customisable options. You can choose from any RAL colour, but our most common colours include:

  • White

  • Black

  • Anthracite Grey

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