Exterior Aluminium French Doors

Exterior Aluminium French Doors

French doors give your home timeless elegance and class. Although timeless, they deserve to be updated once in a while. This is exactly what our French doors are, an update of the classic exterior door.

Our Range of Aluminium French Doors

Like all our doors, our external aluminium French patio doors are made to measure. Our team will craft you a bespoke exterior French door to your requirements.

We offer a range of different sizes, starting small and going right up to 2500mm in height and 2400mm in width.

You can choose whether you’d like an inward or outward-opening door. Generally, we install external aluminium doors– to be inward openings, however, we can cater to whatever preference you have!

We also have several unique styles on offer, including aluminium French doors with side panels.

Uses of Made-to-Measure Aluminium French Doors

One of the uses for our external doors is to admire your outdoor area. With ultra-slim sight lines, as you would get with ultra-slim French doors, you get a full view of the outdoors.

Another major use of our exterior double French doors is to add boldness to your garden. If you’ve already spent a long time meticulously laying out your back garden, these modern French doors, such as a tilt-and-turn French door, can give it an impressive finishing touch.

Available in several neutral colours, we’ll have external French doors to compliment your garden.

Lastly, our heavy and large French doors provide you with a high level of back garden security.

Why are These Doors Popular With Homeowners? 

Homeowners love exterior aluminium French patio doors because they bring in the maximum amount of light. With several window panels, the room they lead into will be as bright as the outside!

Besides being stylish and providing your interiors with natural light, these types of aluminium French doors can also provide you with essential warmth in the winter. Any door in our range is available either with double glazing or triple glazing. If you’re looking to make your home more energy efficient, then you should invest in French aluminium doors.

What Colours of Exterior Aluminium Patio Doors are on Offer?

Our aluminium external French doors come in a range of neutral colours. The neutrality compliments your garden instead of clashing with it.

If you’ve spent time delicately landscaping your garden, our external aluminium French doors could be the final touch you need to create the outdoor space of your dreams.

The main colours that our exterior French doors come in include black, grey, and white.

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