Heritage Style Aluminium French Doors

Heritage Style French Doors

Heritage-style doors evoke a vastly different mood from French doors. With hints of the art deco era, our range was inspired by industrial-style French doors from the 1800s. Despite its old influence, industrial aesthetics is currently in vogue, and our range of different aluminium French door styles can grant your house a distinctly contemporary appearance.

Our Range of Heritage Doors

Our heritage-style doors typically come with four glass panels, with the two inner panels serving as the doors. Each panel consists of three individual windows, which are divided with ultra-slim framing. It’s possible to narrow down this design to just two doors, should you only need to fill a small doorframe.

Besides the standard two-door option, you can also get a set of four sliding doors. This way, you can transform an entire back wall with aluminium frame doors. This is a popular option in the exterior design market as it creates a massive sense of space.

What Kind of Homes are Heritage Doors Good For?

Our heritage doors look best on homes with plenty of wall space to fill. If you’d like to open up your back wall to let in as much sunlight as possible, we can design aluminium French doors that can run the whole stretch of your wall. This way, the interior of your home stays brighter for longer.

Why are Heritage-Style Aluminium French Doors Popular With Homeowners?

Right now, our heritage doors are popular with homeowners who are looking to attain a traditional industrial look. If you’re renovating an old building and are looking at replacing traditional steel doors, switching to our heritage sliding doors can really modernise the look of your home.

While this may be an old design, we’ve employed modern design techniques to create a unique door frame that is practical and benefits the layout of your home as much as possible.

The large glass panels found on these doors allow for maximum light flow. If you’re looking to make the most of the natural light in the spring and summer, these doors are fitted with ultra-slim framing, allowing you to clearly see out into your garden area.

What Colours of These French Doors are Available?

Like our bifold doors, we can create heritage aluminium French doors in whatever colour you like. However, we think these aluminium doors look best in black, white, green, or anthracite grey.

We also have a full range of alternative high-quality door options for you to choose from.

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