White Aluminium Sliding Patio Doors

White Aluminium Sliding Patio Doors

If you’re looking for a warm and friendly aluminium patio door, then our white aluminium sliding patio doors might be the right choice for you. These doors are not only strong, being made of aluminium, but they’re also well-designed and long-lasting.

Our Range of White Sliding Patio Doors

Our white patio doors, like black aluminium patio doors, come with a wide range of options:

  • You can opt between double and triple-track patio doors.

  • You can choose between high or low-threshold white aluminium sliding doors: a low one is better for kids and people with mobility issues.

  • You can even use obscure glass and further choose between different levels of glass obscurity: just decide on the level you feel is most appropriate for your argon-filled glass units.

Interested in our doors? Contact us to get a list of all our prices and further details, such as whether you’ll find the glass supplied loose or if it’s delivered fully assembled.

What Kind of Homes are White Patio Doors Good For?

White aluminium doors are excellent in most residential properties, with the narrow site lines giving excellent views of your patio. White aluminium sliding doors can even make a stylish statement in certain commercial buildings.

Why are White Patio Doors Popular With Homeowners?

Like french doors, a white aluminium sliding door is popular with homeowners because of its stylish looks. In addition, these sliding doors provide great benefits, including:

  • The trickle vents provide good airflow.

  • These energy-efficient powder-coated sliding doors also have great thermal performance, which significantly reduces heat loss.

  • These aluminium thermally-broken doors come with glass units that are toughened, double-glazed or triple-glazed.

  • These fixed panel doors let in a lot of natural light, with the narrow side lines giving you a good view.

What Styles of White Aluminium Doors are Available? 

Different styles of this high-quality door are available, including glass choices and options for static and opening frames.

White & Interior Design: What Does It Say About You? 

White is softer and more inviting than some of our patio doors’ colours: installing white aluminium sliding doors says that you’re open and aim to create a non-hostile living space that welcomes guests.


Are aluminium doors worth it?

White aluminium sliding doors are worth it: they’re fully tested, low maintenance, weather resistant, and offer excellent acoustic insulation.

Which is better, uPVC or aluminium patio doors?

uPVC doors might be slightly more cost-effective than white aluminium sliding doors; however, they’re not as secure and are not likely to last as long.

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