Aluminium Triple Track Sliding Patio Doors

Aluminium Triple Track Sliding Patio Doors

When choosing the right patio door for your home, along with conventional sliding patio doors, aluminium tilt and slide patio doors, and aluminium lift and slide patio doors, triple sliding doors should undoubtedly come up high on your list of options.

Triple-track patio doors offer a unique style paired with the ability to provide plenty of space for guests to walk in and out. And provided you don’t use obscure glass, you’ll get a great view. We’re going to detail these aluminium sliding doors in the next paragraphs to help you with your choice.

Our Range of Triple Track Patio Doors 

We’ve got many derivations of these external aluminium doors for you to choose from. You can opt between different glass options, such as laminated glass, which provides noise reduction, and obscure glass, which offers privacy.

You can also decide between double and triple glazing for your triple-track 3-panel aluminium sliding patio door, which offers slightly better insulation.

Uses of Triple Track Patio Doors 

Our sliding patio doors are great for people who want more openness to their patio area. It leaves ample open space, and the sliding panels stack neatly behind each other. The glass doors provide a comforting and freeing look for your home, offering a lot of natural light.

Why are these Aluminium Sliding Patio Doors Popular With Homeowners? 

Aluminium triple-track patio doors are popular with homeowners because they provide more open space than a typical one. And because these doors offer more glass area, you’ll get a better view of your patio and the outside in general rather than having bigger doors, such as 4-panel sliding patio doors.

In addition, the triple track patio doors also boast all the benefits of any other conventional aluminium sliding patio door type we offer, including being secure and boasting a multi-locking mechanism. The glass is also almost shatterproof, as all our doors come with toughened glass.

We’ve also weatherproofed our aluminium patio doors, having tested them to high standards. They can cope with wind and water with no issue.

Further, the aluminium itself that makes up triple-track patio doors has various benefits, including:

  • Excellent acoustic and thermal insulation,

  • Like our bifold doors, this aluminium is damage (being rot, warp and fade resistant) and rust resistant,

  • And our aluminium door range is overall easy to maintain.

What Colours of these Aluminium Sliding Doors are on Offer?

Our smart aluminium sliding patio doors come in black, anthracite grey, and white. You can also consult us for other colour options for our aluminium sliding doors range.

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