Black Aluminium Roof Lantern

Black Aluminium Roof Lantern

An aluminium roof lantern is a great way to refresh and open up a room. The ample glass allows the Sun into your home, bathing it with warmth and light. A roof lantern is perfect for a kitchen or a living area where you can entertain guests.

Our Range of Roof Lanterns

Our aluminium roof lanterns have over 65% more thermal efficiency than other aluminium roof systems. Each aluminium roof lantern has an element separating the inner and outer aluminium layers to reduce heat transfer.

The thermal break technology features thermal breaks that are over 500 times more thermally efficient than aluminium does on its own. It keeps your home cool during the summer while allowing you to enjoy the sun’s heat.

What Styles of Aluminium Roof Lanterns are Available? 

Our UK Aluminium Bifold Doors range of aluminium roof lanterns is designed and manufactured in the UK and comes in three different styles; contemporary design, 2-way design and 3-way design.

Your aluminium roof lantern can be made to measure, but each size has its own limits:

  • The contemporary setting has a 3000mm x 6000mm limit.

  • The 2-way design has a 1500mm x 6000mm limit.

  • The 3-way design has a 1500mm x 3000mm limit.

Black & Interior Design: What Does It Say About You? 

Our roof lanterns come in many colours; we can do any colours on the RAL colour chart on request.

Every roof lantern has a hard-wearing powder-coated finish on the external frame and the option of white, grey or any requested colours for the internal ones.

A black or dark anthracite grey aluminium roof lantern is the perfect colour if you’re trying to make a statement.

Black is a dramatic, bold and eye-catching colour that creates a sensual and sophisticated aura in any room. It is a great compliment to basically any colour, pattern and colour combination while framing the glass in a chic way.

Too much black can make a room very dark and gloomy, so it’s important to break it up with contrasting colours and decor. Neutral colours work just as well as more vibrant tones when paired with black, so this roof lantern will fit into any room.

Every aluminium roof lantern is designed to keep the sightlines to a minimum and maximise the view of the sky, and there’s a very discreet shadow line when looking at the roof lantern from above.

If black is too much, you might consider our anthracite roof lantern. Anthracite grey is a smoky, almost black shade that works just as well as black does to make a room more elegant.

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