Aluminium Bifold Door Problems and How To Fix Them?

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Bifold doors can be an efficient and space-saving addition to a house. With their advanced mechanisms and multi-panel designs, however, they need professional installation. You must also conduct regular maintenance to make sure the door systems are fully functional.

Bifolding Doors are a Valuable Investment

Bifold doors are a long-term and practical solution to make your home lighter. Aluminium bifold doors also add value to your home, as they come with a range of security and safety features.

Aluminium bifold doors are a significant investment – so it’s vital to find an experienced and reputable supplier. Professionals know how to fit high-quality aluminium bifold doors so you’ll avoid DIY disasters.

Sometimes you might have issues with your aluminium bifold doors; if they don’t open or close properly. Common problems include leaning doors, issues with locks and latches, and carpet scraping.

This is where this guide comes in. This article will give you the low down on what types of problems you may encounter, how to prevent them, and some very handy maintenance tips.

Let’s slide in.

What Are Bifold Doors?

A bifold door features panels (each making a door frame) that slide to open space. The panels fold together and come to rest on one side.

To close, simply slide the panels from the stack on the rack, and the frames begin to straighten out again, closing the space.

You might have seen them in hotels where glass-panelled walls (internal bifold doors) drawback to create a larger meeting area. In a restaurant, exterior bifold doors can connect or separate indoor dining areas from the outside seating.

Aluminium bifold doors are held in place with pivots. Their mechanism is called the concertina principle, a series of hinged door frames that slide on runners and can fold into a single stack.

My Bifold Door Won’t Close – What Can I Do?

If your bifold door gets stuck, it could be due to wear and tear, or the doors might be out of sync. Broken parts and blockages can also cause problems and prevent bifold doors from closing. This can be frustrating and poses huge security risks, especially if it is an external bifold door.

The first thing to do is to determine why the door won’t close properly. Before you start, look at the door frames to identify the issue.

How To Fix Bifold Doors That Aren’t Closing Perfectly

The first step is diagnosing the problem. Carefully open and close your door to see if you can spot the source of the issue. Then scan the seals for damage, as swells and bulges may be an obstacle.

It is essential to check for grit and dirt that may be impeding the roller mechanism. Also, look at the bifold door’s track and hinges: these doors should slide and fold easily, so even a tiny obstruction can cause significant issues. Dirt and grit can also interfere with the door frame’s seal.

Next, lubricate the lock and hinges. Spray industry-recommend lubricants on the lock and key. Insert and turn the key a few times to ensure the lubricant spreads to the inside.

Examine the track hinges to ensure they’re aligned. If your door and frame don’t have a snug and smooth seal, you may have to adjust the height of the panels.

To realign the door, frame and tracks, you must loosen the door hinge bolts to adjust the bifold door hinges; then try to move the door into the correct position. After this, inspect the frame and the door’s threshold. You should also check that the door jamb and other supporting structures aren’t damaged.

Prevention Is Always Better Than Cure

Here are some steps you can take to prevent your bifold doors from not closing properly.

Clean and lubricate

You should regularly clean and lubricate the hinges, latches and locking mechanism on your door. Use some oil to lubricate both the key and lock, then insert and remove the key a few times.

Remember to use the correct type of oil for the hinges and locking mechanisms, as some might damage your bifold door’s seals.

Scan the tracks

You must periodically check the track for sand and other debris that could prevent your door from moving. It’s important to clean the track regularly to keep things running smoothly (pardon the pun) and avoid permanent damage to the door frames. And whatever you do, try not to drag heavy objects across the track.

Internal bifold doors can also have issues with dirt on the tracks.

Monitor the drainage

Do not let rainwater (or any moisture at all) collect in the sills of exterior bifold doors. This is a straightforward process: periodically check the door’s drainage holes, so they don’t become clogged. Tracked in salt-laden snow can corrode fixing and components, especially with external doors.

Inspect the seals

Check your door’s seals for signs of cracks, tears, or swells that could cause a breach and obstruct the track. Seals should be coated with a silicone spray around once per year

Straighten A Leaning Closet Bifold Door

Reset the guide into the track just in case it has slipped out of place. Then shut the door. Assess the space between the track and the door.

If the gap is not aligned at the top and bottom, you need to realign the pivot at the bottom. To align the door, lift it and shift the bottom pivot pin to another notch.

Carpet Scraping

Shag carpets often scrape against a door while it is being opened or closed. One way to remedy this is to move the door up. To do so, rotate the bottom pin counterclockwise.

If your door does not have threads on its pin, set the bracket that holds it up higher. Place shims beneath the bracket in case it is mounted on the floor. If your door’s bracket is mounted on the jamb, unscrew it and re-screw it in place.

You can trim the door, but this would involve some serious DIY. We highly recommend that you contact your installer instead – they’ll have the right tools and experience.

What If You Can’t Fix The Problem?

If you can’t fix it yourself, contact your supplier. The experts will assess the track, hinges, handles and frames and make the necessary repairs and adjustments.

All our bifold doors have a standard 10-year warranty. Each door’s aluminium frame is made from high-quality materials, and all glass panels are double-glazed. The warranty covers all repairs or replacements – our professionals know exactly how to fix bifold doors.

There might be instances where the bifold doors are very old and irreparable. If your doors fail to close frequently, your old door may need to be replaced with a new bifold one. Use our online Bifolding Door Designer to design your unique door systems.

Troubleshooting Common Bifold Door Problems

Here’s a list of a few common problems and why they may happen.

Problem: There are gaps, and doors won’t function correctly

Solution: The trolley fork and the top of the adjuster bolt should be adjusted so there is a 5mm distance between them.

Problem: Light shining through the gap between the jamb and the main lead door.

Solution: The gap can be closed by adjusting the opposite jamb towards the lead door. This should normally only be a 3mm gap.

Problem: Gap between the lead door and the top track.

Solution: This can be fixed by removing the glazing beads. The door can then be raised with a glazing paddle, and a bigger packer can be installed. You can then replace the wedge gasket and glazing beads.

Problem: The lead door will not close properly.

Solution: If your lead door doesn’t close properly, you can turn the screws on the lock keep to adjust it. Adjust the lock keep either in or out until your door closes properly

Caring For Your Aluminium Bifold Doors Can Extend Their Lifespan

Surprisingly, the time of day you choose to clean aluminium bifold doors is important. Cleaning them in direct sunlight will dry the glass quicker and cause streaks. Cleaning them in cloudier weather gives you time to clean and polish them properly.

Another word of advice on caring for your aluminium door is to always remove the key from the lock. This will protect both the lock and adjacent doors from damage, as this is not usually covered under warranty. Bifold doors are expensive, so take the time to clean and care for them regularly.

Maintaining and cleaning the frames

This area does not need extensive deep cleaning. You can easily get the job done by using a cloth, some soap, and some warm water to clean it. Heavy-duty household cleaners should never be used on your frames.

If you are struggling with stubborn stains, try using an ink rubber. You’ll soon know if it is working or not, so do not continue scrubbing if the mark stubbornly persists.

Cleaning the glass

Your door’s glass should be cleaned with some soapy water and a microfibre cloth. Paper towels will leave streak marks on your windows, so they should be avoided.

Cleaning your glass may also be necessary if you have condensation on your aluminium bifold door, which should be done as soon as you spot it.

Remember to remove your jewellery as it can leave scratches on the glass. A clean cloth and some toothpaste can remove (or disguise) small scratches on the glass.

All The Benefits Of Bifold Doors 

Easy to install

Bifold doors are an excellent choice for replacing a home’s entire walls or installing doors in small openings.


A ‘traffic door’ can be included in a wall replacement so that people can come and go quickly without having to open or close several panels all the time.

Compared to traditional patio doors set on raised tracks, bifold doors are flush with the floor level. This is very helpful in preventing tripping. Bifold doors have many other safety features to avoid accidents – important for families with small children.

Natural light and fresh air are important to your home’s ambience. Bifold door systems provide a seamless transition between the inside of your home and the outdoors.


Bifold doors are available in several styles, designs, and colours, suitable for both traditional and modern homes.

Bifold doors can be incorporated into homes of any size and design, including those with unconventional layouts. They can fold in or out, so you can choose which way suits your home best.

Bifold doors are flexible so that you can adjust them for temperamental British weather. Take advantage of the sun with open doors – and close them as soon as the rain arrives (a daily occurrence, usually).


Aluminium frames are an excellent choice for many reasons. They’re strong and lightweight, easy to maintain and last a long time. And, of course, they look great.


Bifold doors have multiple locking points, making them some of the most secure doors on the market. Aluminium doors are even more secure due to their durable material. Bifold doors must run on completely enclosed tracks so intruders can’t open them.

Our bifold doors come standard with 3-star diamond Ultion locks that meet the police preferred specification that prevents your home from break-ins or any other damage.

What’s more, should someone snap the Ultion and break into your home, we will compensate you £2000. How’s that for peace of mind?

What About Energy Efficiency?

Aluminium bifold doors can reduce energy costs because they retain heat in winter and keep things cool in summer. They come with various energy-efficient glass features, such as double glazing and Low-E glass. These features in modern bifold door systems can reduce your energy bills significantly.


Why aluminium?

Aluminium is sturdy and durable, making it ideal for use in constructing bifold doors. An aluminium surface coated with powder paint will withstand the elements for many years.

Doors made from aluminium provide high levels of security due to their strength. Moreover, it doesn’t expand as much as other materials, such as wood and uPVC, in high heat.

How much do bifold doors cost? 

The cost of bifold doors depends on a number of factors, including size, material, and installation time. Bifold doors can cost between £1,000 and £8,000+ for supply only. 

Bespoke designs will cost more. The materials, type of glass and finish will all affect the price, and installation costs will vary. How much are bifolding doors? Comparing quotes from multiple installers is the best way to ensure you secure a competitive price on new bifold doors for your home.

What are my colour options?

All our bi-folding doors, regardless of the size, are available in:

White bifold doors

Black bifold doors

Green bifold doors

Anthracite Grey bifold doors

What about door handle colours?

We offer a range of door handle colours, giving you even more customisation options.





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