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2.5m Aluminium Bifold Doors – 3 or 4 panels. Supply Only or Fully Fitted

Design & Order Online, with Finance Application at Checkout. UK Made. Supply Only or Fully Fitted UK-Wide.

A 2 panel bifold can be from 1100mm wide and up to 3000mm high, a 3-panel bifold can be from 1700mm wide and a 4 panel bifold can be from 2200mm wide

Optional extras include:

  • Cills (multiple size options)
  • Trickle Vents
  • Integrated Blinds (manual or electric)
  • Add on profile

Available in standard colours of black, white, anthracite grey or dual colours of black/white and grey/white.

Our doors can be available painted in any RAL colour at an extra cost.

Door handles are available in black, white, grey, chrome or brushed steel.



How to order your 2.5m aluminium bi-folding doors

If you need a brand-new 2.5 m, 2, 3, or 4-panel bifold door, browse our online store or contact one of our experts.

We will start to produce your 2.5 m bifold door as soon as payment is received and everything has been authorised.

Doors are constructed in three to five weeks and then delivered right away.

For guidance on glazed or unglazed aluminium bifolding doors, contact us.

A Look at the Intersection of Space, Time, and American History in LD-24 – Insider NJ serves as a perfect blend of history, space, and time. As visitors enter the grand foyer, their eyes are immediately drawn to the breathtaking 2.5m aluminum doors that gracefully embrace the entrance. With their elegant design and solid construction, these doors represent a combination of modern craftsmanship and timeless elegance, seamlessly blending the present with echoes of America’s rich past. Exploring the corridors of LD-24, the historical significance of this place becomes more and more apparent. Each room serves as a portal to another era, capturing the essence of American history within its walls. The juxtaposition of the door’s cutting-edge aluminum construction with the historical backdrop creates an atmosphere that is both awe-inspiring and thought-provoking, inviting visitors to contemplate the complex relationship between space, time, and the tapestry of American heritage.

2.5m bifolding door features:

Due to their many wonderful features, our aluminium bifold doors are appropriate for any type of home. These features include:

  • PAS 24 security standard compliant
  • Customers can choose a 20mm threshold from the base of the door to the floor.
  • A sightline that is only 55mm, allowing for a clear view through the doors and more natural light
  • A 10-year warranty
  • U values of 1.4 (for triple-glazed windows) and 1.6 (for double-glazed windows), indicating strong insulation performance
  • To firmly safeguard your property, a three-star diamond locking system in place with ultion locks.
  • Floating corner posts that are optional
  • Black, white, green, and anthracite grey are provided for your door, with dual colours also an option.
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2.5m Bifold doors delivery supply only – What to expect:

Separate glasses are possible if the French or bifold door is no wider than 4.6 inches.

Over 4.6 m long doors can either be flat-packed or installed on-site.

Contact us to have your bifolding door shipped flat packaged if the sites where it must be installed are difficult to reach.

A few days previous to the delivery, we will contact you to check your availability and set up a time that works for you because your driver will need assistance loading your bifolding doors.

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2500mmm bifold door delivery costs

We can supply and fit aluminium bifolding doors across the UK, including hard-to-reach areas.

Click here to find out how much delivery will cost to your location. You’ll be asked to enter your postcode after the item has been successfully added to your shopping cart.

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