How Much Is A Sliding Patio Door And Installation?

How Much Is A Sliding Patio Door And Installation? featured images

Sliding doors are ideal for creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor areas. It can enhance the look and feel of your home, expanding your overall living space, as well as bringing in more light.

The sliding patio door is an excellent piece of design, functionality and style. They are a versatile, environmentally friendly and let in fresh air in while still maintaining privacy.

The modern sliding patio door gives your home ease of access while also creating a striking look. Whether it’s a large main entrance or an additional doorway into the living room, patio doors have become a staple in indoor/outdoor living.

If you’re considering installing patio doors, you’ll probably have some questions about what it will cost. The project has several steps, including choosing patio door styles. You must also factor in installation costs and additional finishing touches that you might want in a high-quality door.

Read on to find out how much it costs to get a new patio door and have it installed.

What Do Sliding Patio Doors Cost?

The price of patio doors depends on many factors, including the type, size and style of the door. The cost of new patio doors can range from £1,000 to £5,000. The exact quote for your sliding doors will depend on several factors:


A uPVC sliding door typically cost around £900, while aluminium sliding doors can range between £1,800 to £3,000.


Tempered or laminated glass sliding doors provide security and privacy, but they will be a bit more expensive than regular glass. You can expect to pay between £900 and £2,700 for a sliding door glass replacement. Bi-fold patio doors cost more than single-panel sliding doors, which usually cost around £900.

Window Energy Rating (WER) 

All new patio doors must meet the energy performance requirements set out in the UK Building Regulations. All glass manufacturers produce window glass that meets the guidelines for energy efficiency. The Window Energy Rating (WER) applies to the entire patio door or window, including the frame. A++-rated sliding doors cost more than patio doors holding a rating of C. 


Prices tend to be higher in London compared with estimates in rural areas.

Aluminium Patio Doors

Because aluminium frames are more durable than uPVC, they don’t need to be as big. This means you can fit a bigger double-glazed panel in your sliding door, which means you will get to enjoy a more expansive view of your garden.

However, it will cost you a lot more for that extra strength. When you install patio doors made of aluminium, as opposed to a uPVC sliding door, you get less frame and more glass. This gives you a more expansive view of your garden area.

Non-standard options 

Patio doors come in all shapes and sizes. If you want to know how much to replace patio sliding doors costs, you must also consider the non-standard options.

Three-panel bifold doors made from aluminium cost around £2,000. These typically measure 3 x 2 metres. For a larger door that is a non-standard size, you can expect to pay upwards of £2,400, excluding installation.

Read more about aluminium doors on our helpful blog.

uPVC Patio Doors 

These door frames are the most budget-friendly option if you have not yet installed sliding doors. The thicker frame around the glass makes them less energy efficient, but they are less expensive.

Non-standard uPVC patio doors come in three and four-panel configurations. Three-panel sliding doors cost roughly £900, while a four-panel sliding glass door costs around £1,350.

For a sliding glass patio door with many panels, the cost will range between £50 and £80 for each panel to install.

Installation time depends on the door size and amount of panels. If you need to enlarge the opening or convert a window opening to one suited for your sliding door, it will take around four days and roughly £1,000 to have it done.

You should also consider replacing door hardware and the costs thereof. You can find out more about how to replace a sliding patio door handle.

Though it is durable and easy to maintain, uPVC will deteriorate over time. This means you’ll probably need to replace your sliding door every 20 years or so.

Non-standard options 

A uPVC sliding door with three panels, a width of 2.4 metres and a height of 2.1 metres, can set you back about £900. A larger uPVC door with four panels is around £1,350.

Should you rather want uPVC French doors, you can enhance their size and ability to bring in natural light by adding side glass panels. French doors with side panels range from £400 to £600.

Such jobs are typically completed in 1-2 days, however, the duration of installation will also influence the final cost.

Patio Doors Installation Costs

Every sliding door installation is going to be priced differently based on the size of the door, the materials used, and the opening where the door needs to be fitted in.

On average, however, it costs between £500 and £700 to enlarge an existing entrance opening. The cost of labour varies according to geographical location. For example, installing a sliding door is 20% more expensive in London than in the rest of the UK.

Factors Affecting Patio Door Installation Cost

Whether installing sliding patio doors, bifold doors, or bifold patio doors, there are several factors that’ll influence your patio door prices.


Your patio door installers will appreciate knowing about any access problems they may run into when installing your patio sliding doors. Additionally, labour fees range from £40 an hour to £80 an hour. So, any delays will drive up costs.

Talk to your installer in advance; this allows them to assess and plan ahead. It’s important to know about things like restricted rear garden access or small openings that may delay the installation.

Measurements & dimensions

Your patio door installer will typically begin by assessing the site and providing a price estimate. The cost of installing a patio door depends on the size of the door, window, or roof lantern that will be installed in the opening. However, this also raises the price of installation.

Larger openings will require more panels and you will have to be prepared for extra work and costs. Even though new homes have standardised door and window opening sizes, older homes do not. To compensate for this, you’ll have to add more panels on both sides and the top of your new door.

Type of materials

When installing sliding patio doors, there might be times when you have to make your entryway wider or stronger. This might cost you more for the extra labour involved.

The materials used have a significant bearing in determining costs. Softwood doors, for instance, are affordable, but they are also the most susceptible to weathering issues.

uPVC is cheaper than aluminium. While uPVC is less expensive up front, you’ll have to replace it more frequently since it has a shorter lifespan than an aluminium one. Aluminium is durable and can withstand the elements, meaning they don’t have the same issues with water absorption, rotting and swelling as timber doors.

Door trims

Trim mouldings frame the patio door both inside and outside of the wall. Many different trim materials, styles, and finishes are available to match the door’s appearance. It is available in casing kits for standard patio door sizes.

Door hardware is a broad category that refers to the various mechanical parts that hold a door closed, such as latches, handles, and locks. Most manufacturers offer these as standard, with the difference being the material and manufacturing quality, colour, and design.

Job site

Move any furniture that will be in your way. If you have carpeting or want a quicker clean-up process after the door has been installed, spread drop cloths all over the interior. If there are any elements of the area that will lengthen the amount of time necessary for the contractor to install sliding glass doors, labour costs may go up.

Installation area

The space allotted for your patio sliding doors will influence the type of doors you select. For example, if you have a tiny patio or need to have doors leading from a living room to a balcony, an open French door set won’t work for you. Sliding doors are a better option in cases like these.

Additionally, you should think about where you place the patio sliding door in your home. In the event of strong winds, patio doors like French doors might be blown open.

If a door is slammed shut by the wind, it can injure a youngster standing in the entryway. The glass may also shatter from the impact. Sliding doors are a lot more convenient and secure.

New or replacement installation

When installing sliding glass patio doors, you must work with the dimensions of the opening in your home. If your opening is a contemporary standard size, the unit will fit in easily. If, on the other hand, your home was built before the ’80s, it is possible that the dimensions are non-standard or in old imperial units. This means you’ll need to go for a size shorter than the opening. You can always fill the rest of the space with permanent panels.

Alternatively, you can make it any size you like, if you’re looking for something unconventional. Comparatively speaking, it’s still less expensive to buy a replacement unit that fits an existing opening than it is to cut a new hole.

If you wish to replace a panel on an existing product, make sure the replacement panel is compatible with the existing runners. Your installer can help you here.

Scrap disposal

Most price quotes include the cost of removing the waste and other debris left over from the installation. If your disposal fee isn’t included, it can cost $100 to $600 per truckload for a local junk removal service to handle the work.

When replacing an old door, wall, or window with sliding patio doors, you must remove the old door, wall, or window before installing the new one. This generates a lot of waste. It is likely that you will need to rent a skip for this debris.

However, if you speak with the patio door installers beforehand, they may be able to include the cost of hiring a skip in your installation price. Renting a skip cost about £130 per week for a small-sized skip and £390 per week for a larger one.

If you are remodelling or building an opening for your sliding patio doors, you may require a load-bearing lintel. Make sure that this addition is included in any quotation from your installers. In some instances, you may need the services of a structural engineer, which might cost you an additional £100.

Are There Additional Costs With Patio Door Installation?

Typically when doors are installed, the gap between the door frame and the adjacent wall will be filled using some type of insulation. Foam insulation is most often used, and can be purchased for £5 – £25, depending on the brand you opt for.

A membrane that keeps water out is also a necessity. Silicon sealant is great as a waterproof membrane as it is hydrophobic and keeps moisture at bay. A tube of silicon ranges from £5 and £10.

Houses made of stone and brick (or other masonry surfaces) should have a solid structure around the door frame before installation. One option is to use plaster or cement – plaster usually works best indoors while cement is great for external doors. You can also use strips of aluminium or uPVC around the frame to cover up any damage to the masonry.

Are you installing a door where there wasn’t one before, or increasing the size of your door frame? You will probably have to install or construct a new lintel to support the top of the door openings.

This is not your standard DIY project, and it would be best to consult with a professional who can help you do the calculations to make sure your house remains structurally sound.

Finally, you need to find a way to secure the door frame to your house wall. Screws and wall plugs are the easiest way to go about this, and these are the tools used by most professional installers.

All patio doors require frames on which they can sit. French doors are hung by hinges while sliding doors sit inside runners fitted to the frames.

If you want to widen a doorway, here’s how you can figure out the total cost:

  • Consulting a structural engineer to specify lintel size – £100 
  • Labour to widen opening: 2 men for 1 day – £250. 
  • Extras – £200. 
  • Total additional costs will be a total of around £550.

Cost-Effective Energy Efficiency of Patio Doors

Here are a few steps you can take to keep your sliding patio doors energy efficient.  

  • Regularly clean the tracks of your sliding doors. Remove debris from the tracks, such as sand, twigs, and other impediments. This will allow the door to sit flush and slide smoothly in the groove, keeping warm air in and cold air out.
  • Look for cracks between the frame and the surrounding wall periodically. As time passes, the house settles and the patio door settles too. This can open up gaps in your windows or doors. You can prevent draughts by filling gaps with caulking or silicon sealant.
  • It’s a good idea to use secondary insulation such as blackout curtains, or blinds to reduce energy loss when the doors are closed. 
  • When you’re shopping for double or triple-glazing panels, make sure to get the best quality your budget will allow.


How long does It take to install glass sliding doors?

It depends on the type and size of the door you wish to install. Typically, a professional installer can have your new door in place in one to two days. This will include the prep, installation and clean-up afterwards.

What is the difference between a sliding door and a patio door?

Hinged patio doors like French doors take up more space when open, as they swing out. A sliding patio door allows for more space, as they slide on a track.

What are the main advantages of a sliding door?

The most obvious is their space-saving properties. Sliding doors operate sideways. This makes them perfect for use in smaller rooms where space is at a premium, and ideal for cupboards and wardrobes.

How are French and patio doors different?

Aluminium French patio doors and aluminium windows, like standard doors, hang from their frames using hinges. Sliding patio doors are installed on a track that guides the door back and forth.

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