How To Change Glass In Aluminium Windows

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It is usual for a glass window to break from time to time, and luckily the job of getting it fixed is relatively easy, and you can do it on your own. Aluminium window frames can be removed and opened, and the glass can easily be replaced should something happen.

This is no job for a professional; you can do this. It is as simple as ordering a replacement glass and following a few simple steps. In this article, we will tell you exactly how to change glass in aluminium windows.

What You Will Need

Before getting started, there are a few things you will need to make the whole process run smoothly and be safe.

Make sure that you have the following:

  • Heavy gloves
  • Replacement pane
  • Screwdriver
  • Cloth

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The Step-By-Step Process

Replacing old windows with new windows is a pretty straightforward job. Once you have all your tools and the right kit, you’ll be able to tackle the job like a pro.

You may be wondering, what are aluminium windows? Well, they are durable, affordable, and easy to maintain. Even when things go wrong, the job is simple. This is how to remove glass from a window wall frame:

Step 1

Put on some heavy and thick, slash-proof gloves. Exercise extra caution while handling any broken glass fragments that have fallen off the window assembly since they can be very sharp. Broken glass can cause some serious injuries that you’d much rather avoid.

Step 2

The window assembly should be taken out of the wall frame. If the window that needs replacing is a fixed pane, you will need to look for any screws hidden by the plugs so that you can pull them away with your screwdriver.

Remove all of the screws until the window assembly becomes loose enough for you to remove it. If the window needs to be replaced and it is a sliding window, lift it up from the bottom until you can detach the bottom part of the window frame from the track.

Remove the screws attaching the opening mechanism to the actual window frame if the window is a hinged kind.

Step 3

The screws keeping the window frame together should be removed. Glass panes are sandwiched between an inside and an exterior frame section in aluminium frames. The screws holding the two pieces of the frame together should be loosened and removed. You should now be able to see the rubber gasket that encircled the glass pane.

Step 4

Carefully remove the rubber gasket as you are going to reuse it. After removing the rubber gasket carefully, grab a damp cloth and wipe it around the whole seat where the glass was initially installed to get rid of any small pieces of glass and any dirt or dust.

Then put the rubber gasket all around the replacement pane of glass so that it runs along the outside of all of the edges.

Step 5

In the frame where the previous old broken pane of glass was located, put the replacement pane of glass. After tightening all of the screws to hold the glass in place, reassemble the frame in the reverse sequence from how you disassembled it. There is no need for silicone or any other sealant due to the rubber gasket.

Step 6

Finally, replace the entire window assembly with your window frame on the wall. Put all of the screws back into their same holes to make sure that the fit is secure and perfect.

Some Other Methods:

The method of changing the glass for aluminium windows differs depending on the type of window you have.

Also, you can sometimes damage the glass if you are trying to remove cement from the window if not done correctly, meaning you may have to replace it.

Changing glass for sliding windows

Remove The Sash Stop (If there is one)

Although it might appear tough to take out the glass from a sliding window, that’s not always the case. The first step is to take out the sash stop because sliding windows have them in the corners of the windows. This will enable the sash to rise, allowing you to remove the glass pane.

Take out the glass window pane

Aluminium sliding windows require the removal of the window in order to replace a glass pane. After removing the sash, use a scraper to pry the glass pane off the aluminium frame.

Be sure to do this very carefully to avoid damaging the frame, as this could affect how draught-proof the window is. Once the frame has been removed, be sure to remove all of the excess silicone so that you can get the old broken pane of glass out.

Place the new glass pane

You must measure the new window’s size, just like you would with other varieties of aluminium windows. Once it is prepared, use silicone to reattach the clean and new glass pane in the same location as before.

Add a bit more silicone and then put all of the pieces of the aluminium frame back together. You will not need to use strips, screws, or anything else since the silicone can hold everything together. Once you have done everything, put the window back in its original place and set the sash stop up again.

Replacing glass in a frame with screws

Continue reading if you need to understand how to replace a window pane in a metal frame held together by screws.

Remove the window assembly

Wearing protective gloves will let you remove as many big shards of glass as you can before removing the window assembly.

You’ll need a screwdriver to remove the screws that are typically covered by plugs because aluminium frames come with fixed panes which are tightened by them. To make it simple to remove, the screws must be sufficiently loosened.

Dissemble the frame

Remove the screws after they have been loosened. You must remove the screws keeping the two frame components together because aluminium frames push the glass between the outside and inside sections of the frame.

Once you’ve done that, the glass is typically surrounded by a rubber gasket. In order to reuse it, try to remove it carefully. You can dampen a towel and rub it over the surface where the glass pane was to get rid of small fragments of glass. After finishing this part, measure your new glass pane and order/purchase it.

Set the new glass pane up

The replacement glass pane should then be gently inserted into the frame once the rubber gasket has been placed around it. Reassemble it in reverse to how you disassembled it: tighten the screws to secure the glass pane, then put it back into the window. Reinstall the remaining screws to provide further support.

Replacing the glass in a frame with strips

Remove the old glass from the frame

First, you will need to remove the old glass so that you can replace the window pane in the metal frame. Be sure to wear protective gloves and remove the glass very carefully.

You might struggle to pull the glass out due to the silicone, so it might be best to break it all down into little pieces or remove all of the silicone first to make it easier. You will need to make use of your screwdriver to remove the strips of silicone. Be cautious. You want to avoid getting hurt and cut.

Measure the size of the window

You then need to start measuring. You need to do this carefully to avoid getting a replacement pane that is either too big or too small. You need to measure the height from the right and left sides and the middle in the smallest measurements that you have.

You will then need to measure the width of the entire glass pane. Measure diagonally. You can order your new pane of glass once you have all of the correct measurements.

Set up the new glass panes and the strips

Other than the glass, you will also need new strips. Once you have your strips and the new window glass, you can connect everything together. Be sure to keep adding the silicone, as it will help the strip and the glass stick to one another. Finally, slide your finished product back into the aluminium frame.


Is it cheaper to replace a window or the glass?

It is much cheaper to replace the glass. You could pay up to 50% more by purchasing a whole new window. If your window frame and all other parts are still in good condition, then rather opt to change the glass. It is also a fairly easy job.

How do you get glass out of the aluminium frame?

The glass, a silicone seal, and the four aluminium parts that make up the window frame are typically all separate elements in produced aluminium frame windows. The parts of the frame are held together by four screws at every corner. To detach the glass pane from the window frame, locate and remove these screws.
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