Can You Double Glaze Existing Aluminium Windows?

Can You Double Glaze Existing Aluminium Windows? featured image

So, you’re considering changing your windows from single glaze to double. Good choice! But what now?

We’ll take you through why retrofit double-glazing aluminium windows are the right choice to replace the existing windows in your home.

Without further ago, let’s get to it! 

Issues With Single-Glazed Windows

Durability: Single-glazed glass is not very durable, meaning they aren’t hardy when it comes to wear and tear. You need windows that can handle harsh weather and maintain their structure if something hits them – having a panic attack every time a child kicks a ball in your yard is no way to live.

Insulation: A single-glazed window isn’t very good insulation. You want windows that maintain heat in the home to lower your energy consumption and energy bill.

Condensation: The low insulation rate can cause a build-up of moisture in the air that sticks to the window and other cool surfaces. While this is not an immediate risk, the condensation will gradually affect plaster and paint, and cause wood to decompose. The cost of aluminium window replacement and repair is then higher.

Security Risk: Single-glazed windows are not as secure as other glazing options, as single glazing is less thick and easier to break into.

Cost: From the outset, single-glazed windows are cheaper than double or triple glazing. However, in the long run, single-glazed windows cost more if you consider the loss of money on energy bills and the replacement rate for things like condensation damage.

Benefits of Retrofit Double Glazing Aluminium Windows

Now, let’s see why double-glazing is a good option for replacing your existing windows.

Thermal efficiency: The biggest advantage of secondary glazing is its greater thermal efficiency. Double-glazing offers a high barrier to cold weather and the added layer of glazing insulates your home to a much higher degree than single-glazing. This will lower your energy bill by keeping the house warm and cosy throughout the winter – without wearing out your thermostat.

You can also achieve this by insulating your aluminium window frame, preventing heat loss even more and improving the energy efficiency of your home.

Noise reduction: Noise pollution is a big issue for some, especially if you live on a busy road. Fortunately, retrofit double-glazing can address this problem. The two panes of glass trap noise outside and keep your noise in. Worrying about your music being too loud or the baby having an off day is a recipe for a tension headache.

Increased property value: Home buyers are looking for homes with all the fittings and trims. A big one is well-made windows and doors that look great. Interested? Check out the best aluminium doors in the UK. A double-glaze on aluminium windows is one way to improve your house value.

Increased security: Double-glazing is challenging to get through for would-be intruders, which increases your home security. Having double-glazing along with an aluminium frame can make a big difference. Visit our website to learn why aluminium is used for window frames and understand why we use it.

Double Glazing Existing Windows

The good news? You can double-glaze the existing windows in your home if it is relatively new. So don’t worry about going out and buying half the hardware store; the process is pretty simple.

If your home is relatively new, your existing windows are likely all set and ready to go. The double-glazed windows can replace the single-glazed or retro double-glazing ones.

However, things can get a bit more complicated if your home is older with more delicate and fragile window frames. Older windows don’t have the infrastructure to hold double-glazed windows, even retro double-glazing.

That’s where we come in. We have a wide range of aluminium windows and doors that can hold secondary glazing.

If you have an older building and want to do it up, secondary glazing is perfect with modern fixings like aluminium windows and doors.

We’ve got you covered if you want tips on maintaining and choosing aluminium doors

Some of our products include:

  • Aluminium bifold doors
  • Aluminium french doors
  • Aluminium patio doors
  • Aluminium windows
  • Roof lanterns

Secondary glazing requires two glass panes, which are heavier than single-glazing. You want to be sure your existing window can hold the glass’s weight.

Aluminium is highly durable and can hold the weight needed for new double-glazed glass, which is one of the main reasons we use it for our products.


Are double-glazed windows better than single-glazed?

Yes, double-glazing is better in the long run. It is much more durable, insulating, and secure than single-glazed windows.

Can I retrofit my existing windows at home? 

Look, you could try anything at home, but we wouldn’t recommend it in this case. Windows and glass are a speciality for a reason. If anyone could do it, they would. It takes a lot of skill and training to fit windows correctly.

Is double-glazing existing windows expensive? 

If we look at the price difference, double-glazing is more expensive than single-glazing. However, you will save money in the long run on your energy bills and lower replacement rates.


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