How To Put Burglar Bars On Aluminium Windows

How To Put Burglar Bars On Aluminium Windows Featured image

When it comes to improving home security, securing your windows cannot be emphasised enough. Windows are often one of the most vulnerable entry points in homes.

No one likes the thought of an unwelcome visitor entering their home. Burglar bars are a simple, low-tech home security solution that keeps your home out of danger, offering optimal security and peace of mind.

If you’re installing your own burglar bars to protect your family, stick with us to find out what to consider before installation and how to easily install them.

Why Should You Install Burglar Bars Over Your Aluminium Windows?

Burglar bars are an effective way to introduce a high level of security to homeowners in the UK, and installing them has several benefits. The main purpose of aluminum windows with burglar bars is to discourage burglars from breaking into your home and protect yourself and your family.

Burglars don’t want to work hard when it comes to breaking into someone’s house. Thus, they’ll likely resort to breaking into a home with limited security measures.

Adding extra safety measures to your aluminium windows, such as additional locks or window film, can make a difference. But durable, high-quality burglar bars are especially effective in preventing burglaries.

Burglar bars offer more than just enhancing your safety. They can also raise your property value since potential buyers see a home with added security as an excellent investment. They’re also a bonus for families with two-storey homes as they protect children from potentially climbing or falling out of open windows.

Things To Consider Before Installing Your Own Burglar Bars

Whatever your reason for installing burglar bars on your aluminium windows, know that you’re getting an affordable, low-tech home security solution.

Here are a few key things to consider before you begin the installation process.

  1. Evaluate critical entry points

Many homeowners make the mistake of overdoing their installation, attempting to cover every part of their home they think could be an entry point. This could result in a costly expense, which would add to the overall cost of an aluminium window and make your home look more like a prison than a safe space.

This is not an experience many of us want to come home to, nor is it a place where you can relax and feel at peace.

Evaluate your home and examine your windows (and doors) that appear to be obvious entry points for burglars. Windows on the first floor of your home are the most common entry point for burglars.

If you live in a two-storey home, consider leaving the top floor free of bars if you feel it’s more of a paranoid purchase and if the hassle of reaching the top floor is enough of a deterrent for a suspecting burglar.

  1. Measurement is key

Once you’ve identified the entry points in your home you’d like to burglar-proof, the next thing to consider is the measurement of your windows. When installing your own burglar bars, you must have the correct measurements.

Do not measure the window itself, measure between the inside edges of the window frame.

If you’re concerned about making your own measurements and want to avoid costly measurement errors, consider contacting a professional specialising in installation services to take the measurements.

  1. Consider your safety needs

It’s important to consider the security risk in your area and choose the product that will optimise your security and service all your needs accordingly. The type of burglar bar material you use will also impact your level of security.

If you’re in a high-risk area, a more robust and aggressive design should be installed, while low-crime areas offer more options for protecting your home with polycarbonate or steel bars.

  1. Consider aesthetic appeal

Many homeowners feel that having burglar bars over their windows is a bit of an eyesore. We understand that you don’t want to sacrifice the aesthetic of your home to protect your home and family.

Today, plenty of options are available to perfectly complement your aluminum windows while providing optimal security and safety.

Polycarbonate bars are a popular choice for homeowners because they’re transparent. So, you’ll benefit from enhanced window security and more natural light. This style of burglar bar is made from the same thermoplastic used in manufacturing bullet-proof glass and aeroplane windows.

Another common choice amongst homeowners is standard steel bars. These come in various styles and can be redesigned to suit the aesthetic of your home.

  1. Install your burglar bars inside

Like aluminium doors, you should install your window burglar-proof solution inside rather than outside. Installing burglar bars inside your home makes them harder to compromise since the burglar first needs to pry open or break the window.

How To Install Burglar Bars On Aluminium Windows: Step-by-Step

Depending on the type of burglar bar you choose, they can be installed by a professional or DIY-er. If you’re doing the installation yourself, you’ll need a few simple and inexpensive tools before you begin – as well as a bit of patience and careful measurements!

Here are some of the supplies you’ll need for this project:

  • Measuring Tape
  • Drill Driver
  • Spirit Level
  • Pencil or Marker
  • Burglar Bars

Step 1: Measure your window frame

The first step is to measure your window frame and ensure that your chosen burglar bars are the correct size.

Be sure to measure the inside edges of the window frame, not the window itself. For accurate height measurement, measure from the inside top to the inside bottom of the window frame; for accurate width measurement, measure from the inside left to the inside bottom right of the window frame.

Compare these measurements to those of the burglar bars.

If you’re installing polycarbonate bars, we recommend spacing the bars no more than 10-12cm. Too big of a gap could give burglars more access to valuable items that may be within reach.​

Step 2: Mark up the holes for the screws

Place the burglar bars against the window frame and note where the holes for the screws need to be drilled.

Use a spirit level to ensure the burglar bar is levelled. Also, if you are installing them inside, ensure the orientation of the bars is correct and leaves room for opening and closing the windows easily.

Use a marker or a pencil to mark where the screw holes will be.

Step 3: Drill the screw holes

As you expected, the next step is to drill the holes where you marked them. Using your drill driver with a drill head size that matches your screws and burglar bar holes, drill a hole in the window frame/wall.

The key here is not to make the hole too deep or too wide to make it easier to drill the screws through the holes of the burglar bars.

Step 4: Install your burglar bars

Place your burglar bars against the window frame, ensuring the burglar bar holes line up with the pre-drilled screw holes. You can use a dowel or a drill head to hold one side of the burglar bars in place while you screw on the other side.

While drilling the screws into place, be sure it’s secure enough that the bars cannot pop off but not too much that you overtighten the screws.

Most screws that are supplied with burglar bars are “one-way” screws. This means they can only be screwed in one direction and cannot be easily loosened. This security measure will protect your bars against burglars attempting to remove them.

Secure Your Home with Quality Aluminium Windows and Doors

We understand the importance of securing your home and keeping your family protected. Doors and windows are the main targets of entry for burglars, so having good-quality, reinforced aluminium windows and doors is key to your safety.

Low-quality window and door parts should never come in the way of your safety and security!

The door options we have to offer are a perfectly stylish and complementary security barrier for aluminium windows. We also offer different types of aluminium windows, so you can find one that perfectly complements your home without compromising security.

Follow our blog for tips on caring for your aluminium door and more details about managing your privacy and safety!


How long does it take to install burglar bars?

It may take anywhere from 2-4 hours to install burglar bars if you do the installation yourself. A professional may be able to install them in half the time, depending on how many windows you’re covering.

Can you burn clear burglar bars?

Polycarbonate bars are heat-resistant and flame-retardant, requiring a tremendous amount of heat to burn. A potential burglar would need to hold a blue flame over for an extended period to weaken the bars.

Can you place burglar bars inside?

Yes, you can place burglar bars inside or outside your home – but inside is best. Many homeowners choose to install their bars inside to retain their house’s exterior aesthetic. However, you can choose various decorative designs to suit your home’s outside aesthetic.

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