What To Put On Patio Doors To Make Them Look Better?

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Patio doors make it easier to combine the interior of your home with your outdoor space and use natural lighting to fill a room. But what if you don’t want too much light filling your room? That’s where curtains and blinds come in!

There are various patio door curtain ideas to choose from, so you’ll be able to have fun with it and create a look that fits your personality and your home to a tee. Choosing to hang curtains on your patio door helps add colour to your room and allows you to add different textures to your house.

You can hang curtains on your patio doors to make them look bold and stylish. Here’s how:

Consider Your Patio Door Type

A sliding patio door is often the centre of the room; this door style really stands out! Understanding the type of door you have will make it easier to decide what to put on it.

There are two options that most people go for; patio sliding doors (most commonly found in modern homes), and French doors (double doors that open outwards either into a room or an outside area).

Here are the different types of curtains that you can use on these doors:

Sliding doors

Wide curtains are most suited to these types of doors. They make pretty sliding door window treatments and are often insulated to keep heat in your room.

Hinged doors

Billowy curtains work best for hinged doors. These curtains cover both the door and the windows on the side of the doors.

Corner doors

You can consider using rod pocket curtains, as these make the room feel warm and cosy.

Folding doors

Patterned sheer curtains work with folding doors.

French doors

For French doors, cinched curtains work better than hanging normal curtains off the curtain panels.

With these doors, use curtains that you can gather in the middle to add to the chic look of the door.

Considerations Before Choosing Curtains For Patio Doors

Here are a few tips before choosing what to hang on your doors.

Choose your curtain according to your door type

Don’t use pocket-style curtain ideas for your patio door unless it’s a corner door. Opening and closing these can be a struggle when hung on a door instead of a window. Instead, pinch pleat curtains or grommet-style window treatments are a better option.

Make sure to install tiebacks to gather your patio door curtains when the door is open. A breeze can leave the curtain blowing in the way, potentially causing entanglements when trying to pass through or even getting caught underneath your feet, which could cause a safety issue.

The material of the door should also be considered, such as what curtain would best suit an aluminium vs a PVC sliding patio door.

Have the correct measurements

Measure your curtains and the rod accurately. Your curtain rod needs to extend behind the door to open correctly, and your curtain needs to be wide enough to close entirely without looking taut. This way, the curtain won’t get in the way when you are using the door.

Another great idea is to hang your curtains an inch above the floor. This helps keep them off the floor and also looks pretty stylish. You can usually get an idea of the size of the curtains from the sliding patio door size.

If your doors are 3 panel sliding doors then you can work out how long one sash is and then times that by three. Likewise if you have 4 panel sliding patio doors, then if a sash width is 2500mm then the total would be 10,000mm.

Try blinds as an alternative

Why not opt for vertical blinds? Many homeowners love the modern look of Roman blinds, and they’re also more adjustable to easily block light from coming into your room.

Think about interior design

When choosing patio door curtain ideas, ensure they match the wall colour and the overall style of your room. If your room is quite plain, don’t be afraid to go bold with your curtains to make them the focal point.

Curtain Ideas That You Can Use For Both Patio Doors And French Doors

You can choose from many curtain ideas to put on your door. Here are a few suggestions you can consider when dressing your French or patio doors.

Sheer curtains

These are the perfect curtains when you are looking for light fabrics and textures to brighten your space. This window dressing allows natural light to flood into your space.

Energy-efficient curtains

These are also known as thermal curtains, as they insulate a room. They are ideal for blocking light from coming in and are similar to blackout curtains.

Sheer vertical blinds

As the name might suggest, these combine sheer curtains and vertical blinds. They’re ideal if you don’t want heavy curtains hung on your patio doors, but don’t want to leave them completely bare, either.

French door curtains

French door curtains are ideal for blocking out the sun’s harsh light, and if you plan on replacing sliding doors with French doors. They can also insulate the room by holding in the heat.

Vertical cellular shades

These are made with a honeycomb construction that traps air inside pockets to help insulate a room.

Sliding panels

Sliding panels are not made from regular curtain fabric. Instead, these panels attach to the curtain rod and slide along the door, providing UV protection. These modern window treatments are made of bamboo, grass and reeds, making them eco-friendly.

Honeycomb shades

Honeycomb shades are a great choice as they can be used in any weather. They are energy-efficient, and their honeycomb construction traps air. This also helps with temperature control within a room.


Shutters can be another choice instead of using patio door curtains. Besides blocking light, they also offer privacy.

Sheer waterproof curtains

These are water-repellent and ideal for people in a cold climate. With these fitted, you can open your door even when it rains, as the curtains are mildew resistant and won’t get damaged.

Reasons Why You Should Use A Curtain On Your Patio Doors

Using curtains on your door prevents solar damage. The light coming into your room can cause damage to furniture or other items, which is why choosing a curtain with UV protection is most important. Using lined curtains is great if you want to block light from entering a room.

You should also look for energy-efficient curtains to help with heat and natural light control. Many curtains are designed to keep heat in when the weather is cold, and keep the room cooler when it gets hot outside.

This can help save you money on your heating and cooling bills, as well as keeping you feeling comfortable!

Finally, covering your patio doors with a curtain can give you extra peace of mind so that people are not looking into your home.


What size curtains do I need for my patio door?

You must measure your patio doors to get the correct width and length of your curtains. The wider the door, the larger the stacking distance.

Add a few inches to the measurements for a better fit. Add 5 inches to 60-inch wide door, 8 inches to a 72-inch wide door and 8-12 inches to a door width of over 72 inches.

Thankfully, measuring up for window dressings isn’t quite as difficult as measuring to fit the doors in the first place! Our guide on how to fit patio doors has more information on this aspect.

Can I use blinds on my patio door?

Blinds and curtains both work very well for sliding glass doors. If you want to keep the sun out, provide privacy and add to the room’s interior design, blinds work just as well as curtains. It all depends on the aesthetic you are going for when choosing patio door curtain ideas.

Which curtains work best for patio doors?

You can choose from different styles of curtains—these range from sheer curtains, honeycomb shades, shutters, and even sliding panels.

What kind of covering can I put on my glass sliding door?

The type of window treatment you choose for your sliding glass door can range from blinds to curtains.

Depending on your interior design choice, they can even be covered with sliding panels or shutters. These can be bold in colour or simply plain; the choices are endless!

How to attach curtains to a patio or French doors?

Insert the curtain rod through the spaces provided at the top and bottom of the patio curtain. Once you have done that, attach the curtains to the door by sliding the rod into the hooks directly above and below the patio door frame.

You can then decide if you want to use curtain ties to gather the curtains in one area of the door or push them open completely aside to give you a full view of the outside. Ensure the curtains are wider than the rod to get more coverage when closing them completely.

Wrapping Up

We hope the patio door curtain ideas above have inspired you to find a stylish window dressing for your patio doors.

There are endless options to choose from, so keep your door style and the room’s aesthetic in mind, so you can make the best choice.

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