How To Insulate Aluminium Window Frames

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If you’re considering installing aluminium window frames, you might wonder how to insulate them at home. 

The good news? We’ve got the answer to this question and all the information you need to make the best decisions regarding your new fittings. 

So, prepare your toolboxes and get ready to learn about insulation and aluminium windows. 

Are Aluminum Frames Good For Insulation?

Aluminum is a type of metal – not the first material we think about when talking about insulating heat in the home. However, aluminium allows you to use super sturdy double- and triple-glazed windows that are very effective when it comes to insulating your home. 

All our windows are L-compliant, meaning you’re getting a tried and tested product to make your home as energy-efficient as possible. 

Aluminum window frames are solid and durable, allowing them to take on a lot of wear and tear when compared with other materials. 

So, while other materials like plastics and wood may be cheaper, their replacement rate is far higher than that of aluminum. 

Why Insulation Matters

Insulation is an important consideration when buying and installing any fixtures and fittings around the home. UK homes fall under strict regulatory guidelines that dictate how energy-efficient it needs to be.

It is essential to follow these guidelines, because insulation provides your home with warmth by reducing heat loss, and ultimately saves you money on energy bills! 

 While this is vital, more importantly, having an energy-efficient home reduces your carbon footprint and reduces your impact on the planet. 

We all need to do our part to combat global warming, and starting with proper insulation is a good first step.

The Benefits Of Aluminium Windows

  • Durability: Aluminium is extremely strong. It can withstand a lot of wear and tear and hold up a glass with energy-efficient glazing and lamination.  
  • Thermal efficiency: Aluminium is not thick by design; however, the many layers inside the window frame give it its sturdy nature. This prevents draughts leaking through, which can lower energy efficiency and cause heat loss. 
  • Easy maintenance: One of the top advantages of choosing aluminum is that it is easy to maintain. You don’t need special tools and products; with a simple cloth and water, you’re good to go. 
  • Eco-friendly: Aluminium can be recycled after use, lowering the impact on the environment. Additionally, the thermal efficiency also makes aluminum very eco-friendly. 
  • Design: Aluminium offers a sleek and modern finish that is the perfect addition to any home, whether old or new. It can take you from drab to fab with a few minor features. Our products come in various modern colours to help design your dream home. Plus, you can match your new windows to one of our aluminium front doors
  • Flexibility: Our aluminum bi-fold windows allow you to choose how many panes and their size. We give you complete control over your new windows’ appearance. 

If you’re still wondering what are the benefits of aluminium windows, we have a whole article to break things down.  

Window Selection

There are a few options to choose from when selecting glass for your aluminum windows:

Double glazing: An insulating layer is added between two pieces of glass to add a layer of security and sturdiness. Double-glazing aluminium windows add insulation while also protecting against UV.

Triple glazing: The same as above with an extra pane of glass, adding more insulating properties and protection. 

Laminated glass: Two pieces of glass bonded together with a thin layer of plastic. If hit, the glass will crack but stay together. 

Integral blinds: A new and popular system. Integral blinds look like traditional blind units, but rather than being on the outside are placed between two layers of glazed glass. You can manually or automatically open and close the blinds. This system helps prevent damage and keeps your windows protected for many years to come. 

Insulating Aluminum Windows At Home

Before getting into how you can insulate aluminum windows, it’s important to know that having a well-made product shouldn’t require you to DIY insulation. 

Our products are very thermally efficient and draught-proof. The degree of this, however, will depend on the glass you choose to install. 

If you’re in a bind and need to insulate the windows yourself, there are ways to do this without it being too much of a hassle or great expense. 

Weather strips

Weather strips are a good option if a noticeable draught comes through a part of your window frame. 

The product blocks the draught once it’s been laid down around the frame. But it also adds an extra layer of protection from bad weather by sealing your aluminium windows.

Rain, wind, and snow can cause dampness in the home, particularly if aluminium frames aren’t correctly made and lack weather-resistant materials and features. 

Weather strips come in various materials, including foam, plastic, felt, vinyl, and metal. Your pick should be based on what your frame is made from. 

For instance, aluminium frames should use metal weather strips for the best possible result. 

How to: Once you have your product, measure the size of the aluminium frames, cut the strips, and apply it around the frames. 

Insulation window film

Insulation window film is a type of plastic with double-sided adhesive tape. The tape goes around the aluminium frames, and you stick the plastic over the windows. 

It is a cheap option to get the job done quickly and without much hassle. 

How to: 

  • Once you have your insulation film, cut the plastic to size, but leave about 5%-10% excess on the sides. 
  • Stick down the double-sided tapes around the aluminium frames. Generally, it’s best to stick the tape in the middle of the frame panel or window sill. 
  • Place the plastic onto the tape, pressing firmly to keep it in place. 
  • Use a hairdryer along the edges of the tape to seal the adhesive to the film. Start in one corner and work your way over the entire film over the window. 

While it’s not the most visually appealing, insulation film can help keep heat in the house, remove cold air draughts, and remove UV. 

Insulated curtains

If you’re renting and can’t use the above methods to insulate aluminium windows, insulated curtains can be a real lifesaver. 

If there are curtain rails up, it’s a simple matter of buying the curtains and putting them up. 

How do insulated curtains work? 

Insulated curtains have multiple layers that act as a barrier to heat, UV, and sound. 

  • First layer: Contains a reflective film that redirects heat into the room. 
  • Second layer: A vapour barrier to keep moisture out (this is important during the rainy season. Materials with condensation or vapour contamination can mould).
  • Third layer: Foam that blocks cold, maintains heat and reduces sound waves. 
  • Internal layer: Usually a decorative layer that doesn’t compromise aesthetics for function. 

Insulated curtains are an excellent option for those that don’t want to compromise their window’s warranty. 

Remember, doing anything to your aluminum frames within the warranty period will void it, so be very sure you want to do the repair work yourself. 

The only downside to insulated curtains is that they don’t fix the problem if you have cold air or draught coming in. 

How Our Aluminium Windows Can Save You Time And Effort

We offer a range of aluminum windows with the highest-grade materials tested to ensure insulation.

Our products come in various colours to allow you to select products that fit your home design and even match your other fittings. 

So, you can add some curb appeal to your aluminum front door while matching it to your new set of windows. 

Some of our other products include:

  • Aluminium windows
  • Aluminium Bifold doors
  • Aluminium French doors
  • Aluminium patio doors
  • Roof lanterns

Are these all super thermally efficient with a thermal break – meaning there’s no need for DIY insulation. 

We are specialists who know our products inside and out, so give us call before insulating your windows yourself. 

You never know; we might have a trick or two up our sleeves that are cost-effective in the long run. You can rest assured that we’ll do the job properly the first time. 


Are aluminium windows thermally efficient? 

Yes, aluminium windows are thermally efficient due to their sturdiness and many layers. The layers act as barriers. The windows can withstand much heavier glass than wood, plastic and uPVC windows, so triple- or double-glazing is an option, no matter your window size. 

How do I know if I need extra window insulation? 

You will know if your windows are not appropriately insulated with a window seal by the heat loss in your home. Any room that doesn’t have insulated windows that properly fit will be much cooler. Also, if you can hear a draught or feel one around the edge of the frame. 

Does the type of glass affect insulation? 

Yes, you must carefully select the type of glass with insulation in mind. Triple and double glazing are popular. But other options exist, including lamination and integral blinds. We help you make the best decision regarding your new aluminium windows. We have the knowledge and the best products to back us up. 


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